Cape Fruit Processors source fruit from all of the large citrus producing areas of South Africa. We strive to maintain good relationships with the citrus producers to enable us to optimally plan for good quality product and to run our facilities efficiently. The fruit demographics of the different regions are different from one another which mean that all of our facilities vary in their technology and equipment to ensure optimal utilization of the fruit from the region and adapt to logistical needs for the specific region.

Fruit can be delivered in bulk or in fruit bins at our facilities. Fruit is then sorted and washed before it enters the extraction process. Sizing of fruit is critical for both quality and yield purposes with a standardized technology utilized across our facilities. Juice and oil are extracted after sizing using three different extraction methods, dependent on fruit cultivar and size. Immediately after extraction the juice passes through a finisher before it is fed to either a pasteurizer or evaporator.

Temperatures applied to the juice are closely monitored to ensure the best possible quality at a food safe standard. For this reason we also employ different technologies across our facilities to ensure the best results from the fruit of the region.

From extraction to filling, the juice are kept in a closed system and passes through various filtering points to ensure a food safe product free from environmental contaminants. All our facilities are FSSC22000 and SGF accredited confirming our drive to conform to international standards of food safety.

We fill our products in open top drums on both aseptic and frozen methods. Products are stored at various approved facilities around the country with a shelf life of up to 24 months. The large logistical foot print enables us to serve various international markets as well as the local market with relative ease.